Pirate Raven Le Faye

November 30, 2014

As EroticFandom gears up for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, sultry Raven Le Faye won’t be asked to walk the plank any time soon. Her hot pink hair and delicate features are as dazzling as her giant eye patch pirate belt buckle is blinged out.

eroticfandom raven la faye pirate

Mary Jane Furry Paws

November 30, 2014
EroticBPM contract girl MaryJane looks cute as a button in this naughty update. Somehow she can flash that hot tight teen body and shaved pussy and look cute and innocent at the same time. This time, MaryJane has a bed full of hearts and sparkle confetti and little furry Burning Man raver mittens. eroticbpm maryjane

Hot black girlfriend Julie Kay

September 12, 2014


A black GF wearing a Bat-Whatever shirt and poses in front of the mirror. Really sensuale face, hot body, nice boobs…

Nicotine is always one sexy good-looking goth girl. In this EroticFandom update, this steampunk vixen ups the ante by pulling out a little death ray raygun. Of course, she uses it for naughtiness. Nicotine is ridiculously evocative and hot in this science fiction themed series.

eroticfandom nicotine steampunk raygun erotic fandom steam punk