Hot black girlfriend Julie Kay

September 12, 2014


A black GF wearing a Bat-Whatever shirt and poses in front of the mirror. Really sensuale face, hot body, nice boobs…

Nicotine is always one sexy good-looking goth girl. In this EroticFandom update, this steampunk vixen ups the ante by pulling out a little death ray raygun. Of course, she uses it for naughtiness. Nicotine is ridiculously evocative and hot in this science fiction themed series.

eroticfandom nicotine steampunk raygun erotic fandom steam punk

Jenni Lee Sexy Star Trek

September 5, 2014

Star Trek is always a good Halloween costume because you never have to explain what you are supposed to be and Jenni Lee looks very sexy stripping off that red shirt. This EroticFandom update pays homage to all the Star Trek episodes where you knew the red shirts were going to be the first to get naked. (Or was that dead? Naked is better anyway.)

eroticfandom jenni lee sexy star trek

This photo shoot by Forrest Black and Amelia G is over-the-top in a really spooky sexy way. And what is more appropriate for Halloween than spooky sexy! Nixon Sixx and Vampirabat are conjoined supernaturally hot twins in a unique custom leather corset. This would not make for a very convenient Halloween costume, but I’d go to any party which featured beauties dressed like these two gothic lovelies are in this EroticFandom update. Bonus points for the creepy SPECTRE hairless cat.

eroticfandom conjoined nixon sixx vampirabat

In this EroticFandom update, slim beautiful Roxy looks stunning in her plate mail armor. Photographer Chad Michael Ward captures her on camera somewhere in between fierce and sensual. And she looks just as good when she takes that metal off and shares her slender but curvy body and pierced puffy nipples.

eroticfandom roxy armor chad michael ward